Design Your Focus

Design Your Focus and Leadership Success Blueprint 

When life gets rough, we either go up or down

And tough times show us who we are 

Those are the moments of clarity, and 2020 was such a time for many of us. 

Focus 42 Blueprint is a four-week coaching program for leaders and business owners to clarify their focus using brain-based behaviour tools and resources to help define and create a roadmap for success in life and business using the wheel of life, self-reflection and neuroscience tools gained from my work with 50 companies and leaders globally and from my own life experience starting over again in a new place with a backpack and a pram.

You get: 

  1. 5-week of live group coaching
  2. 5-week access to resources on Design Your Success Blueprint, Wheel of Life and Legacy Exercise 
  3. 5-week access to the Focus 42 Community for support and encouragement 


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