Its Time

Its Time

Want to grow your business but not sure how?

It’s time.

For the last few years, on and off, I’ve talked with Tina Parmigiano about working together.

Tina and I met in 2018. Over the years, we’ve worked together and now want to offer something amazing.

Tina brings 30+ years of tax and financial services experience.

I bring 5+ years of executive mentoring and business consulting experience.

While we love our 1:1 work supporting businesses, often TIna and I engage with businesses after a big problem has come up or for a big project.

We want to provide access to our expertise on a retained basis, before big problems or projects come up.

Laser ‘consulting’ and access to expertise combined with a powerful community can help your business to grow.

Your business grows.

And you get the space to flow in your lane,

knowing you’ve got a support team with you.

Interested? Contact us